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A Hilary Rodham Clinton by any other name won’t smell as Presidentially sweet.

Hilar  y ous.     Poll by CNN shows that Hilary beats McCain with name “Hilary Rodham Clinton” but loses using “Hilary Clinton”. Ha – and I thought voters were superficial and obsessed with irrelevance.

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Henry on Google

Henry Blodget, in my opinion, is writing some of the most thoughtful stuff about Google’s share price and prospects. Ironically he’s precluded from working in securities or offering personal stock advice – I think forever – due to his and … Continue reading

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The Gadget Revolution. Gadgets of the world, UNITE!

A nice ZDnet interview with Google’s Adam Sah suggests the increasing importance gadgets will play in the online landscape. I met a brilliantly enthusiastic Adam at Mashup Camp back in February when all this was just starting to take off … Continue reading

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