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CNET – the tech canary in the internet coal mine?

Mike Arrington points out over at TechCrunch that CNET’s traffic is going down, and fast. For many years CNET was the top spot for tech news and it still is a superb source for technology news, reviews, and more. Yet … Continue reading

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Freemont Street Light Canopy, Las Vegas

Freemont, Las Vegas Originally uploaded by JoeDuck. Just booked for WebmasterWorld Las Vegas coming up next month. These Freemont Pics are from that trip a year ago and make the downtown area look spiffier than it does in person. I’m … Continue reading

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You call mainstream “news” Journalism? I call it an intellectual wasteland.

Over at Jeff Jarvis‘, as well as all over the world, there’s a debate about how online news will affect offline news. An anonymous comment notes: >>news organizations AREN’T the ones keeping democracy alive. And maybe they haven’t done so … Continue reading

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Time Warner to Google: We spell your merger “SueTube”. Battelle to TW: Lookout!

John Battelle thinks Time Warner is mistaken to attack Google on copyright, writing over at Searchblog: a shot across the bow may bring a broadside from the other side I usually agree with John Battelle but I don’t really follow … Continue reading

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$1,600,000,000 + 100,000,000 videos = lawsuit!

Mark Cuban must be snickering “I told you” even though he’s already posted a note suggesting the initial lawsuits will be against small video players to set precedent for an attack on Google. However Time Warner  is already threatening to … Continue reading

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