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Google Gadgetry and Yahoo Hackery. Welcome to the new WorldWideWebery

It’s great to see Adam Sah’s Google Gadgetry project move ahead with today’s announcement that Gadgets can be created to work on any website.    Adam was at both Mashup Camp 1 and Mashup Camp 2 and it was neat … Continue reading

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Carnival of Marketing October 8th

The rumors are true. The Carnival of Marketing started by Noah during a flash of brilliant inspiration moves here on October 8th and October 15th. Thanks to the many who’ve sent in articles already. I’ll pick the seven “winners” soon … Continue reading

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Yahoo Hack Day – you should have been there! I should have been there!

Yahoo’s Hack Day was so successful I have yet to read anything but positive reports – in fact most are downright glowing with enthusiasm for this mashup fest down at the Yahoo mother ship in Sunnyvale. I wish I could … Continue reading

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Playstation III performance problems?

Recent reports indicate that the Playstation III may not be ready for prime time.  At a Tokyo game show testers revealed that game play was sometimes erratic with reboots needed.  SONY stock dropped on this news. For parents having trouble … Continue reading

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