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Google earnings and earnings, and more earnings!

Google once again surprised Wall Street with a 3rd Quarter report that was even better than expected. There’s more coverage than you can shake a pay per click ad at: Techcrunch Seeking Alpha (3rd Quarter Call Transcript Reuters via .. … Continue reading

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Collective Intelligence at MIT’s CCI.

The new MIT Center for Collective Intelligence is a really interesting idea with *potentially* earth shaking implications. Or maybe I should say Climate shaking implications since Global Climate change collaboration is one of their first efforts. The basic concept is … Continue reading

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Google Gorg replacing Microsoft Borg? Don’t be P/E vil?

Chris “Factory Joe” Messina of Flock has a provocative post about how Google is …. continuing to take over the internet world. Although I’m more concerned about the virtual monopoly on search rather than Google’s assualt on Microsoft’s virtual monopoly … Continue reading

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