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Me? Sue Yahoo!? Sure, what the heck.

The “Checkmate Strategic Group, Inc.” of Florida has been sending me notices about why I should jump on the click fraud bandwagon and help them sue Yahoo! as part of their class action Yahoo! lawsuit because I have bought Pay … Continue reading

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Little Miss Sunshine * * * *

This excellent film reflects on the ironies and quirks of the American middle class experience as it follows a family on their roadtrip to a California beauty pageant for little girls. Alan Arkin is the explosive grandpa, Greg Kinnear his … Continue reading

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Todd Davidson of Oregon is the State Tourism Director of the Year

Congratulations to my pal Todd Davidson who was just named State Tourism Director of the Year by the Travel Industry Association of America.    This is one of the top awards in travel and it’s great to see him win … Continue reading

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… Do I have a valuable PO Box or what?

Funny – just after writing about Talent real estate in my post this morning I got a spam email from So. California lending place today that said: There is a new lending program for homes such as yours on Po … Continue reading

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Talent, Oregon Real Estate

Here in lovely Talent, Oregon the real estate prices have been going up in spectacular fashion. Until now. As a favor to my pal Jack Latvala I’m helping him set up a PPC campaign over at Star Properties, the closest … Continue reading

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Pluto’s Gone

Pluto has disappeared from the list of 9, which is now a list of 8. Somehow, this just isn’t right!? In Eugene Oregon they’ve put up a stylish Pluto memorial to the ex-planet.    Pluto, it was nice knowing ya!

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Shhhhh! Don’t tell all those Web 2.0 companies that there really is no Web 2.0!

Over at Matt’s Place he noted some of his favorite 2.0 companies and asked for suggestions. What really surprised me was the number of people over there (a very tech savvy crowd) who, like Bill Gates, oddly question the significance … Continue reading

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