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Alison Krauss Rocks the Country House

Alison Krauss is my favorite vocalist and with Union Station puts out superb bluegrass music. Unlike many, MANY in country and pop music she does NOT use Auto Tuning software (usually the Antares version is used by pros I think). … Continue reading

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YouTube to Telcos: Hey, thanks for the copyright protection!

Slate’s got a nice article discussing how YouTube may have fewer legal problems than many think they’ll have.     The gist is that YouTube and other user content is protected under “Safe Harbor” provisions demanded by Telcos to protect…themselves.

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Obivous -ly

Evan, a founder of blogger which was sold to Google, has returned big VC cash to investors in his ODEO music project and started a new company called Obvious Corporation. This statement about why he’s changing course is a very … Continue reading

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Go Google Yourself!

Ha – Tech bloggers seem to leave a lot of global tragedies unnoticed, but whatever you do don’t get ARROGANT about being the big gorilla of search.   This Google post, to me, does not cross any lines but it … Continue reading

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Microsoft Vista – a nice lookin’ blog for a nice looking OS.

Wow, Microsoft Vista has a very slick looking blog up here that mimics the look and feel of the new Vista which, for reasons I don’t understand, really had a great look at MIX06. I think it was simply the … Continue reading

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Google Farts. Stock up 13%

Google’s doing a great job and putting out some good stuff such as customized search. Earnings for Q3 were better than expected, but that should already be reflected in the stock price. Since Google already has a huge portion of … Continue reading

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Measuring internet “engagement”

Robert Scoble’s asking a great question today about how to measure “engagement” at a website as opposed to just a visit. This issue was recently addressed at some length in the big debate over Comscore metrics for Myspace that Danah … Continue reading

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