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Microsoft wins on matching employee donations – way to go MS!

 This in from Mercury news.   Kudos to Microsoft for this level of generosity, and Google and Yahoo should do *at least* this much!    C’mon Google, you of all companies owe it to the world to help your peeps give back … Continue reading

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San Jose Mercury News – A Cautionary Tale from Business Week

There is a great summary at Business Week of the  remarkable rise and pending fall of Silicon Valley’s newspaper – the San Jose Mercury News.     They note that in many ways the Mercury News saw it all coming, but still failed to … Continue reading

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Search metrics

Daya over at Webguild  has a nice post detailing the search shares across various engines.   I’m supposed to be posting over there more often but the rest of the contributors are doing such a good job, and I hate to … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Sprint, Cell ya later!

Thinking about moving away from Sprint now that I can hopefully unlock my Treo 650 from the evil clutches of the marginal Sprint signal here in Southern Oregon.   With a theoretically robust national network and a top of the line phone you’d think … Continue reading

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Facebook chalks up another $500,000,000 ::: UPDATE – NOT TRUE!

 Update:  This story was FALSE.   Facebook had an MS deal but not additional capital Facebook founders were still sipping champagne from their 240 million deal with Microsoft as they scooped up 500 million from two hedge funds yesterday.   I’m not … Continue reading

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Microsoft loves Facebook

Microsoft bought a 1.6% stake in Facebook today for $240,000,000.   Reported at NYT here.  This give a market value to Facebook of right about 15,000,000,000.    WoW I do think Microsoft is smart (and Facebook stupid) to make the cash outlay much smaller … Continue reading

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Science on a Sphere

Wow, NOAA has a great educational tool – a large spherical display representing earth, using computers and projectors to animate the display.  It is called Science on a Sphere. Here’s a list of locations that have this. It looks like a schools … Continue reading

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